Collision Repair Services

Customer Service is our

#1 Priority

An accident is undoubtedly a stressful event. It is our sole job to alleviate your stress, facilitate an exceptional repair process, and get you back on the road.

Since day one, we have focused on providing superior customer service and the highest quality auto body and collision repairs. We can perform repair work of any size, from a small paint job to repairing a heavily damaged car. Our collision repair team is here to help you through the repair process so you have an efficient repair process.

We know that you want to get behind the wheel of your car again as quickly as possible, and we’re committed to providing you with the excellent automotive restoration service you deserve. Once we get our hands on your vehicle, we will restore it to fulfill the strictest safety and security standards enforced by the manufacturer. We also guarantee your safety and security with lifetime warranties on our work.

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Our Collision Repair Services Include:

Minor Collision

At San Antonio Collision Center, we are experienced in fixing minor repairs that are more cosmetic than functional. We understand the appearance of your vehicle is as important as its performance. We give the same attention to your tiniest scratch as we do to a major dent in your vehicle. Our body shop focuses on delivering high quality work on every vehicle that comes in no matter the make or model.

Major Collision

If you are in a major accident, you can count on San Antonio Collision Center to get your vehicle back safely on the road. If your vehicle is repairable, our team of certified repair techs  will fix it. We handle all damages made to the body of a vehicle and we take pride in making sure it is done right.

Major Collision

If you are in a major accident, you can count on San Antonio Collision Center to get your vehicle back safely on the road. If your vehicle is repairable, our certified team will fix it. We handle all damages made to the body of a vehicle and we take pride in making sure it is done right.

collision repair services tech painting


Paint is one of the most influential factors when it comes to repairing your vehicle because of the overall look. Not only do we give you a beautiful finish, but our certified painter also provides professional level craftsmanship each step of the way, so that your new paint job lasts.

You can be rest assured that your vehicle will be refinished with Sikkens paint-the finest automotive paint in the world-by a painter certified under the Refinish Assurance Plan. The result is a good looking finish you can count on for a lifetime of gleaming perfection.

Easy care tips for your vehicle’s new finish to help your finish look good for as long as you own your vehicle.

  • For the first 30 days, we recommend that you do not use a commercial car wash. Stiff brushes or sponges could damage the surface and finish of your vehicle. Instead, wash your vehicle by hand with cool, clean water under the shade; never in the sun.
  • Within the first 60 days, we recommend that you do not wax or polish the vehicle in order to allow the finish to completely dry and cure.
  • Do not park under trees which are known to drop sap. Sap and industrial fallout can mar or spot a new finish. Not only will sap affect your vehicle but bird droppings have a high acid content and can also damage a new, freshly painted surface.
  • Do not spill gasoline, oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, or windshield solvent on the new finish.
  • Do not scrape ice or snow from the surface as it will act as a paint scraper on a freshly painted surface.


Why is an ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) Calibration so important? An ADAS Calibration is a process in which cameras and sensors are correctly aligned and positioned to ensure optimal performance of the vehicle’s technological features which plays a significant role in safe driving and road safety. These advanced safety systems use sensors/radars to gather information about the vehicle’s surroundings, provide safety and lane departure warnings, and can temporarily take control over a vehicle’s braking or steering to protect the people in the vehicle as well as others on the road. As with all sensors, vehicle ADAS sensors/radars are only as accurate as they are calibrated to be. When calibrations are not performed by a certified technician and are not accurate, drivers rely upon inaccurate systems to navigate their driving. As technology continues to advance, ADAS technology is being incorporated more by the vehicle manufacturers when vehicles are being built so the need for ADAS Calibration is not going to go away. San Antonio Collision Center recommends that an ADAS Calibration be completed any time a vehicle’s sensor/radar is disrupted in any way for safe operation. For example

  • If a windshield is cracked or has been replaced, the heads-up display and rain sensors need to be recalibrated.
  • If a vehicle is sideswiped (minor or major collision) , the mirrors and lane departure warning sensors need to be recalibrated.
  • If a vehicle is in a fender bender (minor or major collision) , the bumper sensors need to be recalibrated.
  • If a wheel/suspension alignment has been performed, the steering wheel and distance control sensors need to be recalibrated.

Free Estimates

San Antonio Collision Center offers a free estimate to assess the damage of your vehicle. Using one of the industry leading collision estimating softwares, San Antonio Collision Center writes free estimates to those who make an appointment and/or walk in.

Insurance Company Assistance

At San Antonio Collision Center, our certified estimators will help you with your insurance claim. We are proud to be a direct repair facility and preferred auto body shop, and we work with insurance companies of all sizes.

Lifetime Warranty

San Antonio Collision Center offers a Lifetime Warranty to any customer whose motor vehicle was repaired at our facility. As long as the original customer owns the vehicle, we warrant all repairs at no charge.

24 Hour Drop Off Towing

San Antonio Collision Center is on the City’s approved 24/7 drop off list. Our facility is equipped with surveillance cameras and an alarm system at all times to ensure the safety of our customers’ vehicles.

Paintless Dent Repair

If you have hail damage or any door dings, San Antonio Collision Center can repair it! Most hail damage can be fixed with PDR, but there are some damages that will require collision repair. If the hail left behind dents in your vehicle chipped or cracked the paint, then you will need collision repair. Our experts can make your car look brand new.

Frame Repair with Car-O-Liner Measuring System

San Antonio Collision Center uses the top of the line measuring system on frame repairs. A print out of the measures are printed before and after the frame is repaired.

Enterprise and Hertz Car Rentals

San Antonio Collision Center works with major rental car providers to make the process easy and convenient for our customers. During your repairs, we can help you arrange for a rental car that can be directly billed to most major insurance companies.


Considering a wheel alignment for your vehicle? If you’re not sure when to have an alignment, just ask us. We can give your car a thorough inspection and align your vehicle properly. San Antonio Collision Center recommends that you have your wheels aligned if you are involved in an accident, notice your vehicle is pulling in one direction or the other, have run over a pothole or curb, purchased new tires, or feel any inconsistencies in your steering as you drive. For your vehicle to maintain its optimal handling and performance, your wheels need to be properly aligned. Most drivers do not realize the importance of proper wheel alignment as it provides many benefits. Such benefits include preventing disproportionate tire wear so your tires will last longer, reduces less rolling resistance so you can cut down on fuel cost, and preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your suspension system so you can save time and money in the long run. Not every mechanic can properly perform a wheel alignment, however, we have the top-of-the-line equipment and experience to precisely align your wheels so that you can drive with confidence. So, if you are looking for experienced mechanics for expert wheel alignment, then look no further than San Antonio Collision Center in San Antonio, TX.


Honest outstanding service. My car repair was perfect.
Rachel Anguiano
Excellent service!
Juan Vazquez
Best Collision Center in SA
Melissa Vazquez-Torres
Ask for Matt.. Greeted with a smile, very professional and great follow through. Quality work and in a timely manner.
heide b-gurickerger
I have been here 4 times! I work at a bar and unfortunately my vehicle always has some damage at one point. SA Collision Center always returns my Truck in top notch condition. They really make me appreciate my truck by making it look brand new every time. I would never go anywhere else.
The technician was very professional and did a great job
Hector Hernandez
Great service! Very nice
Jacqueline Aguilar
I recently gave a very bad review because I truly felt I was being taken advantage of. I spoke ill of Conrad Harvey, andi truly apologize. I let the brat inside of me take over and was not pleasant to the people who were trying to help me. They have done a great job and, again, I truly apologize to Conrad who was only trying to help me.
Andi Prado
My wife hit a deer recently in our 2017 Volvo and this was one of the only body shops that didn't give me a wait time to take our vehicle in after calling around to 7 or so collision centers. After completing the job, I was very pleased with the quality of work that was done and they even replaced a failing battery while it was in the shop and only charged me the price of the battery. The communication from the owner was great and I would highly recommend getting work done here.
Kenneth Teasdale
A quality collision repair shop. They know Toyota Hybrids well. Surprised us with car detailing, inside and out, on pick up. Only disappointment was the long time it took to get our car back (2 months), but know that was mostly due to parts delay. They did put a team on it to get it out the last day as I needed it to help out a homeless neighbor.
George Patrin
Original review 07/2022:After getting estimates from several shops I came in for repair on the body of my vehicle in addition to repair of a hose for my AC that had gotten cut from a bent radiator support.Prior to dropping off my vehicle I had the ac suction hose replaced at a more reasonable cost elsewhere & the mechanic was uncomfortable with continuing the work unless they replaced it themselves, which would have cost me double than what I got it done for. Naturally, I declined to spend money on something that wasn’t necessary & they agreed to only work on what remained.After the body work was complete I inspected the outside and was satisfied with what their work & paid my remaining balance.Today I got the ac recharged myself because the shop wouldn’t do it for me. I noticed the support still appeared to be scraping the hose leaving it at risk to get caught again so I was upset & got in contact with the shop.The shop apologized & assured me that all parts used are OEM & the support ”shouldn’t” scrape the hose. At this point all I can do is take their word for it that all parts are new & placed properly.They verified that their work is guaranteed for life. Therefore should the support be bent & cut my AC hose again they would honor their work and fix it. For this only time will tell.PROGRESS UPDATE 02/2023The suction house the shop was uncomfortable using is running strong with ice cold AC and the radiator support is still in place. No issues this far with the repairs they made. I would recommend this shops work however just be sure to pay attention to invoice details and be clear on with that is being completed.
Issis Alva
The staff is amazing and great customer service. Elias took care of me and my car. He did an amazing job. It did take longer than expected to repair, but there is a lack of car parts everywhere so just be prepared for a longer process than what you anticipated. But they were great at communicating with me and if I wanted an update or more information, I just called and they answered right away. 10/10!
Katie Ryan
Great service, professional and fast …
JOHN Collins
Our car was towed here by SAPD, and thank goodness. I worked closely with Conrad throughout and he provided advice that was solely intended for the best outcome for the customer, not necessarily the shop. That kind of customer service is rare. His team went above and beyond, ensuring our car looked brand new when done. I would highly recommend this body shop. I thank Conrad and his crew immensely for the work they did!! 💯
Stephanie Guidry
Love love LOVE this place! First accident I have been in due to being rear ended and I’ve never been treated better. Matthew here did a phenomenal job at keeping me updated and taking care of my car. Got her back today good as new! They did a fantastic job with putting my car back together and doing a full detail! I’ll never go anywhere else if I’m ever involved in another accident
10/10 recomendable! Very professional, personable and caring family operated business!
Olivia De La Rosa
I recommend San Antonio Collision Center for all body and paint services. They kept me informed throughout the whole repair process. They had stated from the start that because I was going through insurance, the process was going to be longer than usual due to the delays of the insurance and they were right. My insurance took 2 weeks to approval the supplement they submitted which delayed the whole process. Instead of having my vehicle ready in 2 weeks, I got my vehicle back in a month. If I would have paid out of pocket, my vehicle would have been ready on time. San Antonio Collision Center is the ONLY collision center I will ever trust or go to for repairs. Thank you SACC for welcoming me and taking better care of me than my insurance.
Brandon Aristondo
San Antonio Collision Center is the best collision repair facility I have ever been at. Their quality is beyond any other shop I have been to. They explain the whole process to you up front and make you aware of all the difficulties you will face when going through insurance. It is better to go pay out of pocket versus going through insurance so the process moves smoothly.
Geovanni Cruz
I highly highly recommend this business. They are all so friendly and helpful. Most importantly they did great work on my car repair. What I appreciated MOST is how responsive they always are even though they are busy they make time. Elias has the best customer service. If you need any body repair I definitely recommend you go this company. I see now why their rating is so high on their reviews
Thelma Cantu
Great servicePolite and professional
johnny pearson
Excellent Customer Service !!!
gabriel velasquez
I was originally going to go with a shop closer to home but after reading their reviews and being recommended by my insurance adjuster SIL, I went with San Antonio Collision Center and I was happy I did. Aside from external factors such as parts availability and all shops being backed up and taking months to complete repairs, I had a very positive experience here and Conrad was super helpful. Even after receiving my vehicle and just coming by to drop off paperwork, Conrad noticed one of my headlights had went out and instead of ignoring it and hoping I wouldn’t notice, brought it to my attention and fixed it right away. Would definitely use again if need be.
Anthony Thai
100% recommended , friendly staff always there to answer any questions you may have.
Diana Quintero
Service and customer care was absolutely excellent...
Regina De La Pena
Amazing staff and high quality service. I definitely recommend San Antonio Collision Center for any type of repairs. Thanks for a smooth transaction
ricardo salinas
They dis a great quality repair
Alex Lira
Good work very happy with the results good customer service !!
samantha villarreal
I had one of the best, if not the best experience here. All the staff here are masters of their craft. They really paid attention to detail and made me feel like a valued customer. Great people and great customer service. Next time I need body work, I’m definitely coming back here.
Highly recommend this family owned business! Staff was very professional with great customer service and work was exceptional.
Annette Gonzalez
Great family business highly recommend
martha soto
Everything about this Collision Center is super awesome. From friendliness to cleanliness. The best service ever. I give this business my all, my 100%
Diana Borrego
Great Service, very kind and their job is really good!!
Irma Aguilar
Amazing quality & service! 100% recommend
Andrea Rodriguez
My Honda CRV was hit in the rear by a car and thanks to the San Antonio Collision Center my CRV is like new.
Connie Hernandez
The staff is wonderful and treat you very good and very respectfulI would recommend them if need any type of body and fender work
Joanne Lehr
Everyone was great working on my car ..100% I would recommend this place absolutely
So my sons truck had an engine issue. My friend recommended the shop, though they were a collision shop, they have a really good mechanic. So I called them up and Conrad actually helped us out and arranged a tow. They got the truck over to the shop from the scene. They were able to diagnose it and fixed it within a day. I really appreciate their service last minute. It was hard because they were very busy and backed up but we were in a position where we could NOT be without a vehicle. And it was actually an easy fix for them. Thanks again I highly recommend the shop service, knowledge, expertise and professionalism.Thank you again!
frances whiting
Best workmanship and customer focus I have encountered in many years in multiple states over the past decade! Our car was restored to showroom quality inside/outside! Looking for expert, high quality repairs…look no further…they’ve got game! Thanks again SA Collision Team!
Roger McNeal
SA collision did a awesome job on my car. It came out looking brand new as if nothing ever happened, will definitely recommend to others and if I need will use them in the future. Worked with Conrad he did great at explaining the process.
Amanda Spencer
I pick my Van today 🙂 San Antonio Collision staff if very friendly always answer my question. Conrad and Ramon are amazing always answer my questions. I would recommend 100%
gaby poore
Had an amazing experience at San Antonio Collision Center. They explained the whole process from the start to finish. I went through GEICO insurance and they let me know from the start that I was going to need to pay out of pocket due to GEICO not paying their posted rates. GEICO wanted me to go to one of their contracted repair shops but after doing my research, ALL GEICO shops were 3 stars or less. I was okay with paying an additionally amount to get my vehicle repaired correctly which San Antonio Collision Center did an AMAZING job on my vehicle. I paid for quality and that is exactly what they provided. I understand that auto insurances pay only what they want and try to take shortcuts on vehicle repairs but San Antonio Collision Center made sure I was back on the road safely and to OEM standards. My insurance wanted to put aftermarket parts on my car because thats all they wanted to cover but SACC helped me out to get ALL OEM parts. Thank you SACC. I will NEVER go to another repair shop ever again.
Puraida Salazar
Great customer service. Great work! Eli and Conrad were awesome. My Camaro SS came out perfect!!
Crystal Rodriguez
Every single member of the team was professional, respectful, and trustworthy. I also noticed that this treatment was not exclusive to my daughter and I. I witnessed all customers treated with the utmost respect. Not to mention that my vehicle looks brand new, and the ‘Granite’ color of my vehicle was matched perfectly.Many blessings to you guys!
Eli, the owner is outstanding. He is very personable and went out of his way to help me with my vehicle repair needs. He returned my truck to me looking great inside and out. Unreservedly, recommend him to anyone needing body repair needs.
Ron Huggler
Hands down the best place in town! Conrad was incredibly helpful and helped us get our vehicle repaired and back to us in a matter of 2 days at the best price! Other places gave us 7 days to repair with a cost of double then what we were charged. We not only received fast & efficient service, the best price but also got our truck back super clean and detailed! Will recommend this company to everyone !!
Excellent work, high attention to detail and competent staff. Already recommended a friend to visit SA Collision.
michael guerrero
San Antonio Collision Center staff, everyone is so helpful, attentive, and professional. When I called and spoke to the owner, he was more than happy to help me with the process of getting my jeep fix. Everything turned out as expected in a timely manner. Thank you so much, San Antonio Collision Center.
Janie Camacho
Great family owned collision center! Did an excellent job on my car. Good experience and friendly staff. Good Job SACC !
Arlene Renteria
I wanted to thank Conrad and the Team at San Antonio Collision Center for an amazing experience with my Jeep repairs. If you are looking for an honest customer centric experience where they treat you like your car is the only car they have going, this is the spot. This was my families second car to to send here for repairs. The comfort level that I have had knowing that they have my best interest relieved all of the stress from this process. They are always honest and upfront with expectation and time frames. If you are looking for a high quality 5 STAR experience, I would HIGHLY suggest taking your vehicle here. Thanks again guys I could not be happier and hope to send people your way for the same experience. David R.
David Rausch
Great family owned collision center! Did an excellent job on my car after I got rear ended. Always kept me in the loop and made the whole experience so smooth. Their entire staff is so experienced and really shows through their work. My car came out looking brand new. I would recommend this shop to all my family & friends! Thank you SACC for a great experience!
Maritza Vazquez
Super awesome family owned business. Great body work would definitely recommend!
Erika Rojas
The business and their employees care so much about their customers as well as even helping out the insurance companies as best as they can! I trust San Antonio collision to preform only the very best and detailed work on my truck because i know they take their jobs and work performance very seriously! If anybody needs a reliable collision center that they can trust i HIGHLY RECOMMEND San Antonio Collision Center!!
Ethan Ybanez
I will not take my car anywhere else! The guys at San antonio collision are Honest, helpful and their work is very professional-better than most work I have seen at dealerships themselves. Eli is great at taking care of all the insurance stuff and is constantly updating you through the process. . If you need body work this should definitely be the one and only place you take your car! Integrity is the word I use to describe a place like this one....
Sarah Rodriguez
The team at San Antonio Collision Center was welcoming and caring towards my family and I. I had a great experience with San Antonio Collision Center and I will recommend to all friends and family.
Monica Martinez
After being rear-ended, San Antonio Collision Center made the entire process as smooth as possible. My vehicle looked brand spanking new once i got it back! 🤩This is a family owned business that just makes you feel apart of the family. 🙂
Veronica Valdez
I am beyond grateful with this business. They have a great customer service and great staff. 💯 Recommend it!
Alejandra Lira
5/5 stars
Cordero Glenda
Excellent!!!!! Awesome service!!
Juanita Gomez
I had such a great experience with the staff of San Antonio Collision Center. They were very informative and helped me with my insurance. I trust them 100% with my vehicle. The repairs were high end quality and looked better than when I first got my car.
Jen Gomez
I love how the San Antonio Collision Center is very professional and not only works to fix the cars but to make sure customers are satisfied. I highly recommend this shop for your auto body shop needs
Jessica Gonzalez
My wife got rear ended in our mini van just a little over a month ago. I wasn't sure who to go to. I found these guys through a Google search. 5 star company and they didn't disappoint! We dealt with Conrad and he was up front about how much time it would take and he communicated with us frequently, just as he said he would. The rest of the staff was also very friendly and accommodating! The experience was great and I HIGHLY recommend these guys for all of your collision needs!
Justin Finney
I met Ramon who is the owner. He is really the best! The reviews do speak for themselves.Very very professional! He has helped on 2 occasions with 2 separate vehicles.I will not go into a lot of detail but on August 27th a rock flew up from someone’s trailer that was being pulled by a pick up truck and the rock busted my windshield on my 2019 infinity QX 50.State Farm wanted me to take it to safe flight (I think is the name) for a quick fix! NO! I called out of the blue snd then drove over to meet with Ramon. He supplied me with a letter from Infinity stating that if I use less than OEM glass it voids the warranty on the vehicle!Thank you Ramon for your help and your professionalism in the business!
Kenneth King
The Team at San Antonio Collision Center did a fantastic job at fixing/painting my 2019 Camaro ZL1 when someone left a dent on my quarter panel and rear bumpers. Definitely recommend going to them! They're professional in the work and polite. They kept me updated and moved Efficiently and took care of my car! Thank you guys!
Leo Hernandez
The people are doing a great job in repairing your car and even found out some issues that the previous collision center I went to. Good job San Antonio Collision Center.
Mitch Onte
collision repair
Lawrence Earle
Super satisfied, What can I say they work for you not the insurance company. Mtr. Conred educate me about what I am entitled for from the insurance company. They replace all my car part with Toyota brand instead of the generic bran insurance company try to give me.
venti glidden
If there 6 stars, that is what I would give them!!! After a minor fender bender repair. We picked up our van and we were amazed! The van was WAY cleaner than when we dropped it off. Vacuumed, washed, windows cleaned, headlights polished and so much more!!! Thank you Eli and crew!!!!
Karson Dunn
Awesome work and customer service. I had major work done on my car and they kept me informed on my options, the progress and always available for questions. Very genuine people.
Shirley Patino
Great service will be a repeat customer
Jimmy Rodriguez
Got rear ended and hit a deer within the same two week period, talk about hectic with my insurance! San Antonio Collision Center made it so much easier! Conrad, the Service Manager, was a huge help, and really went above and beyond, especially when it came to dealing with the insurance companies. The work they did was absolutely amazing, and they did a very nice detail job on the inside too! I would highly recommend San Antonio Collision Center to anyone!
john burke
Great customer service and most importantly quality work.
Nans xx
Best experience I’ve had with a collision center. Eli was very professional. He checked parts availability for me before I dropped off my car so everything was ready to go. The workers in the shop did an impeccable repair on my vehicle. They went above and beyond and cleaned the inside of my car as well - it looked almost brand new again! I loved it! I wish i could take it to them every week to clean it up for me 😊. A very positive experience from start to finish. I highly recommend San Antonio Collision Repair
Teresa Hayden
San Antonio Collison Center fixed up my car in about 2 weeks & she looks beautiful. They even went & detailed my car before I picked it up. Eli was very good at communicating as was the receptionist (I sadly don't know her name)
Felicia Rutland
I went to San Antonio Collision Center to have my car inspected for damages. I normally do not leave reviews for places but I think they really deserved one. Walking in, it smelled amazing inside. You can tell they really care about keeping the inside clean for guests. The staff was super friendly and they alsooffered beverages. Elias came out to inspect my car for damages. He was a super friendly guy and made me feel really comfortable. He took some pictures and went back to his office to get my paperwork together. He came back out with a smile on his face, explained the cost of damages and that he would be ordering parts for me. When leaving, I was offered another drink by him. I left there feeling like my car was going to be in good hands. Thank you so much for making an unpleasant situation into a great experience. You guys deserve all those awesome reviews you have online. Keep up the good work 🙂
dennis amon
I had a great experience with them . I didn’t have to worry about anything, I just dropped off my car and they contacted the insurance and rental company . Car body repair was perfect. Miss Anna at the front desk is really sweet and Mr .Luis did a perfect job on my car .The manager made sure I was happy and taking care of.
Neda Ahmadi
Unfortunately I have have had to take two cars to SA collision center this summer--both Conrad and Eli were outstanding and the service from the shop was great.
Charles Fiquett
Great customer service and staff is very informative. Will never trust another collision center to work on my vehicle besides SACC.
Ari Martinez
First off everyone is so friendly, courteous and professional! I have used San Antonio Collision on 5 different occasions and have been extremely please with body work, paint and interior work! Everything is perfect, I have even used San Antonio Collision for my 1987 K5 Blazer of which I don't trust with just anyone and it is always returned to me in beautiful condition! I couldn't be happier with the quality of work they perform and on top of that they are great people! Truly Genuine & trustworthy! Thank you Eli, Ana and entire staff! Ten Stars, Not Five!
ralph everett
True professionals and committed to customer satisfaction!
Lonnie Jenkins
5 star service and work, great price & timelyI would advise you to go here if you need a repair done !
We’ve had 2 vehicles repaired at this shop and we’re very pleased with the process and the results. Eli is a pleasure to work with.
Kari Alger
The staff at San Antonio Collision Center have been fenomenal. I am very pleased and satisfied with the services that the crew provides. I would recommend to anyone who has been in a collision and needs repairs done to your vehicle, San Antonio Collision Center is the best place to go. They try their best to help benefit you and make sure that you are satisfied with their services. Thank you San Antonio Collision Center!
Nicole L.
I highly recommend San Antonio Collision Center! Quality service and repairs. They are a very busy shop and after my experience, I understand why. Great service and communication from Conrad Harvey. Ana and Nicole were so helpful when I dropped off and picked up my F150. My truck looks beautiful!THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Sylvia V
The best body shop I’ve ever had to use. These guys work hard and fast to make sure your vehicle is done right and done on time. I won’t trust anyone else with my vehicle
Kristen Marin
San antonio collision did such an outstanding job on my very satisfied 100%
Sammy Rodriguez
This is THE very best customer service and quality finish that I have experienced, especially in the car repair service. Conrad was more than outstanding in providing great support and updates on everything. The front desk was prompt, polite and professional. The technicians that didn't even work on my truck were also super friendly and nice during my visits. Keep it up!
Shawn Wilson
Told usaa to send my truck to them from hearing great news about them. They did a great job and my truck looks brand new. Great customer service as well.
Samuel Arizmendez
The quality of the work done to my car was outstanding! All of the staff was courteous and professional. I was given updates on the progress of my car throughout the whole process. If I ever need repairs done to any of my vehicles, I will definitely bring them here.
Jose Gloria
Took my car in due to a water leak. I wasn't sure if it was the sunroof or driver side door seal. I explained the issue to them and they knew what it was right away. They fixed it right then and there. It only took about 1 hr. They were very friendly and courteous. Price was very reasonable also. I will recommend them.
Martha Benites
Great service took my car in and came back out brand new. Amazing people! Great customer service and I love that they treat you like family. Very Happy Customer!!!
Samantha Canales
I wish to express my sincere appreciation for Elias Rodriguez and team of San Antonio Collision Center. They exhibited superb professionalism, utmost in courtesy, and a sincere desire to provide customer satisfaction. Their industry knowledge and insight are irreplaceable assets acquired through extensive experience. Due to Eli's supervision, their fantastic new facility and the team’s expertise our automobile looks pristine after the repairs were done.Jerry Talmadge
Jerry Talmadge
Excellent work. Good people.
Dustin Snyder
The minute you walk in you feel instant welcoming vibes. They are knowledgeable and they take the time to explain and educate you on what the process is and what they will be doing to your car. They were communicative and responsive the entire time. The location was easy to find, clean, and I like that they are one with the community. They not only are BBB accredited, but they held a toy drive at their location. They are family driven and they certainly make you feel like that by the end of the transaction. They shared in my joy in my first time seeing my baby all fixed up and looking brand new again! Thank you San Antonio Collision staff for all your hard work and extra miles you went when working with my insurance. We 100% Recommend them.
Michelle Bononcini
We had a great experience. Eli and his team were very professional and did a great job fixing our car.
Terry Alger
This place is awesome they provided the best service. I would recommend them to my friends and family.
Loretta Villarreal
Superior Service and friendly staff
Jeff Keller
I had an amazing experience with this team from beginning to the end. Everyone was very friendly and polite. They did a great job on my car and I will decently use them again and refer them to others. Thank you
Guadalupe Ramirez
GF got in a fender bender in the parking lot. Had minor damage in the rear cab corner, for a car guy, a nightmare. Took a little extra time, but well worth it as they were professional in every aspect & went the extra mile for sure. Quality work with no headaches, I would highly recommend and revisit if necessary.
Rob Creighton
Best customer service, from start to finish, beat decision I have made to have a vehicle repaired, any USAA member should use them as they are professional and have excellent and skilled workers to repair your vehicle the first time
Mark Mercer
Un excelente! lugar personal muy amables me gusto mucho desde que llegue bieron mi troca y solo tarde 20 minutos para el estimado son super rapidos trabajan al 100% hisieron un excelente! trabajo en mi camioneta cuando la bi estaba tan feliz de ver lo bonita que me la entregaron felicidades a san antonio collision center por su buen trabajo y lo mejor que ablan español la senorita. Ana Lira . thank you Collision center
Maria Torrea
6 stars if I could! SA Collision Center's team were nothing less than stupendous, courteous, professional, friendly, and it doesn't stop there...This team was recommended to me and they did not disappoint. I needed paint match and restoration for my 04 Dodge Ram, they made it happen, without flaw. SACC was conscience of my price point and time constraints with this vehicle, they got to my service right away; all the while staying within my price point. The team was in constant communication and updated me throughout the process of paint. SACC delivered, quality craftsmanship, care, and all with a smile. Thank You SACC, you are highly recommended. The Tall Bald Goodlooking Vet!
Melanie Cruz
Superb customer service. Took care of every detail along the way. My car looks brand new! Their work is excellent. To finish the process, my car received a superb quality detailing. Thanks!!
Ana is very nice and super helpful.
Bobbie Mills
Have had a previous not so great experience with getting my truck worked on when a deer decided to kiss my Truck. This lead me to be really nervous and skeptical when my Truck needed work again due to our recent snow storm. Most everybody that knows me knows how meticulous I am when it comes to my Truck. Consulted a very good close friend who is in the Auto Business as to who I should trust to take care of my Truck ... without hesitation he tells me “San Antonio Collison will take care of your Truck ... Good Honest family business “. From the moment I walked through their doors they make you feel VIP high priority status, constantly keeping you informed with updates and job stage status. They have completely met every expectation that this crazy meticulous customer had and more. Every issue that I brought to their attention was addressed and issues that I didn’t notice were brought to my attention and addressed also ... very impressive !!!Have never been to a business where all owners and representatives come to meet you personally and make sure all your expectations are completely being met ! Can’t thank them enough !!! Awesome experience !!!
Vince Valero
The staff was amazing and the communication was impeccable! They work done on my car looks amazing and I highly recommend their service.
MiSha Bagley
Very professional and friendly! They kept contact with me throughout the process. I highly recommend.
Jessica Pacheco
We took our 2020 truck in after a deer ran into us. I gotta say these guys are Honest, Professional and they have a great communication with the customer. They always kept us informed of the next steps on the repairs. We got our truck back super fast and the quality of the body repair was excellent. They even cleaned it inside and out! Definitely returning to them if needed again. These guys definitely know what they're doing. Great work SA Collision Center.
Gina Quintero
Wow! Picked up my car today and it looks like new!I was referred to San Antonio Collision by a friend and I have absolutely NO regrets! Ana was the first person I met and she was so accommodating and knowledgeable, I immediately felt very comfortable.Frank walked me through the estimate, handled any concerns with my insurance company, and kept me informed on the status of the repairs.The work performed on my car is stellar! These guys are so good my car looked brand new!If I ever need any body work done on my car, 2018 Toyota RAV4, I will definitely use them again!Thank you San Antonio Collision Center!
Linda Sweeney
Overall great service and excellent customer service, big shout out to Mr Frank for all his attention and service he provided throughout the entire process.
Oscar Espinoza
Took vehicle here to be repaired after an MVA where both left doors and left rear fender needed to be replaced. Repair shop informed me that they would contact me by phone or text around twice a week. I received updates almost every day and if there was a delay, they called immediately. Employees were very courteous and informative. I have never been kept so informed. When I got my vehicle back, it looked brand new. I would recommend them to anyone.
Timothy Meditz
The team at San Antonio Collision Center were all extremely friendly, Eli always kept me up to date as far as the process and I really appreciated that, I hope I don’t need anymore body work but if I do, I will definitely be going back there.
Toni duque
I brought my Toyota 4Runner here because there was damage to my paint. The customer service what’s great when I went in for my estimate, that along with previous recommendations and other great reviews is why I chose them. They were able to get my car in the next day and kept me updated along the way with what stage the car was on and when it would be finished. The painted the passenger side of my car, and took out 2 dents, and fixed a previously misaligned front bumper (work done at another shop). I refuse to take my car to any other shop if I need any other kind of work done. This is the shop to go to.
mayra rivera
These guys are amazing my vehicle look absolutely amazing. On time super polite make you feel like family. From Ana and the front desk to Junior and Eli, they were all absolutely great. We will definitely be back there quality of work to there place and service with customer I have no word just great great place and people.
Roseanna Martinez
Everyone was very professional. Frank was awesome in keeping me up to date on my vehicle. The work was done very well and if I ever need vehicle body work done again for my Jeep, I will definitely use them again.
Katherine Moten
Just picked up my daughter’s Toyota 4Runner. It needed paint and adjustments to correct bad workmanship from a job done at a “Franchise” Collision Center. Paint color and texture applied at San Antonio Collision match OEM. Gaps between fenders, hood, and bumper were also adjusted to perfection. Thanks to Elias and his crew all work was completed right the first time and on time.
Cesar Rivera
Ramon's team at SA Collision provided nothing less than top notch quality and service on my recent visit to their shop. Frank Soto estimated my damages, ordered my parts, and had it installed in a day over the holidays without missing a beat. They found time to fit my cash pay vehicle collision into their insurance claim heavy schedules while making it affordable for me during the holidays. There's no other collision center that would do that. As a former adjuster, I've visited plenty of collision centers in the city and SA Collision is the best.
LNC Williams
After hitting a boulder while being away at college, my dad and I brought my car to SA Collision after being referred to from a friend. Not only were we very impressed with the friendly and professional staff, but also with the facility. We worked with Eli who was very honest and stayed in touch with us through the whole process. We took my car in during the holidays expecting for it to take a while but the car was ready in no time. The work done on my car was excellent and it looks brand new now. Thank you SA Collision and Eli for your great work. We will definitely be recommending to others and returning for future body work!
Victoria Huedepohl
Not only were they kind enough while fixing our car, transportation to and from our home was immeasurable. The service was performed perfectly and our car was sparkling clean when it was returned to us. We would recommend them, without reservation. Great group of folks who really care about their customers!
Jan Wilson
Super affordable! Had it done faster than I could blink for real! Staff and service were excellent every part of the way. Would highly recommend to any friends or family if they need help with their car! Seriously they did an awesome job and I left more than satisfied.
Claudia Cruz
Had a small fender bender that needed tending to. I had SA Collision Center suggested through my insurance. Checked out that they have 5 Star Ratings and I now know why! What fantastic service from start to finish. There was excellent customer service, friendly and timely updates on my repair, and the sweetest ladies to gossip with me in the front area when picking up my car! Not once was I in the dark or not informed, and that is great. Highly recommend, and have found my repair shop for the future. Thanks Yall!
Sara B
The entire staff is awesome, Frank was great communicating everything from start to finish. My car looks new and beautiful again, can’t thank them enough. They knocked out everything I needed just in time for the holidays. I always recommend them to friends and family and have never had a bad experience.
Alex Farar
I cannot say enough great things about San Antonio Collision Center. I had the best experience from beginning to end! They were very informative, professional, friendly and kept me updated throughout the process. I can’t thank them enough for how my car turned out. I never expected it to look brand new again. I HIGHLY recommend them!
Marisa Leiva
Excelente atención al cliente
Ricardo Vargas
Amazing team and memorable customer service, I give special thanks to Frank Soto during the process and the business work ethics, looking out for the customers best interest. Honest and transparent- I trust and recommend coming here for all vehicle repairs. Thank you San Antonio Collision Center for your help!
Roxanna Torres
Excellent work and customer service.Highly recommend
Hector Perales
Eli and his staff were great! Very polite, caring and professional and kept me informed throughout the whole process. Glad I made the decision to take my car here to get fixed. They did an awesome job! Thank you again for the great job!
Rachel Romero
Frank Soto and the team did an awesome job. Great communication and service. Would certainly reccomend!!!
Sean Everest
I cannot say enough wonderful things about San Antonio Collision Center!! I had lots of hail damage and despite being closer to other shops, I wanted to support a local business. Eli was terrific in walking me through the process of fixing the repairs and kept me updated. He was such a pleasure to work with and was so patient with all of my questions. I did ask for a quote regarding a scratch on the spoiler of my car that happened previously and although I wasn't able to get it fixed this time around, I noticed they still buffed out a lot of the marks at absolutely no charge!! Everyone at San Antonio Collision Center is kind, professional, and offers FANTASTIC customer service. I hope I never need major body repair but if I do, I will always choose San Antonio Collision Center!
Alex Wenglein
Awsome team of professional people that perform amazing work.
Russ Bass
I want to thank the good people of San Antonio collision center for their great work after my truck was hit. Mr. Frank Soto was excellent and communicated with me during entire job. I would highly recommend this company if and when you need auto body and paint work. The entire team was friendly and attention to detail was on point. Thank you all!!!
jose gonzalez
Great experience once again! I dropped my car in with them the last time I was in an accident and had such excellent service that I knew I had to drop my car off here again. I live out in Midland but to me the most important thing is to leave your car to be repaired with a place you can trust. Worth the drive every time. Hands down the best service. Highly recommend!
Devin Winfield
Gigi Longoria
Dropped my car off after being in an accident. From the moment I dropped it off to the moment I picked it up I knew my car was in good hands. Mr. Frank kept in contact with me through out the whole process. He would call 1/2 times a week to let me know how the car process was going. I loved it it here! My car looks amazing and I feel just like I did when I bought the vehicle brand new. 10/10 would definitely recommend this place.
Fabiola G
The staff of San Antonio Collision Center was very helpful and provided me with a lot of information that speed up the process with the insurance. Not only that, they were friendly and kind from the very beginning. They truly show how much they care about the well being of our safety. I definitely RECOMMEND.
Joel Martinez
Nothing but positive comments for San Antonio Collision Center! I was in my first accident and their representatives explained the entire process. They worked directly with my insurance company (USAA) and handled all the paperwork. In addition, they called with updates every couple days. The quality of work is excellent. You'd never be able to tell I was in an accident.They even detailed my vehicle to show off their great work! Overall, a very professional company and positive experience. Highly recommend.
Antoinette B
Good quality work.
gacha life movies
Very friendly and professional kept us updated with the progress of the work being done. They did a wonderful job
Samantha Derrig
Exceptional Customer Service! Have been coming here for several years now to have our vehicles body work repaired & painted. Worked with Eli and he ALWAYS takes good care of your vehicles needs. Very friendly and understands your issues. His staff is very knowledgeable and knows how to repair your vehicle the correct way. They work with insurance company's if you have a claim, which we did. Also, if u need a ride back to work or home, they can arrange that too. They make sure the jobs done right! My family definitely recommends this company and we'll come back to do business with them again!!
Sandra Arispe
My experience with Frank and staff was a good one. They ensured my vehicle was as new as the first day i purchased it after getting into my collision. Issues that I had prior to the accident are no longer issues, and I am thankful that they were able to resolve more than just body of my truck! Nicole is always smiling and the rest of the staff is always positive! Will recommend.
Peter Melton
My family and I have been coming to these amazing people for some time now. Great friendly people, work looks amazing, your car will look brand you when their finished with it. The reviews and work say everything. Definitely the best shop in San Antonio.
From start to finish they did a great job! Eli kept me up to date by text and phone calls. Work was exceptional and vehicle was done before promised!
Brett Murphy
I am impressed by this repair shop that was recommended by USAA. I originally chose it because it had the highest ratings on YELP and I was not disappointed.Eli kept me informed and was a great concierge through the process. All who came in contact with me followed current COVID recommendations and wore masks. The staff and particularly Eli were very professional.My car (which only had 2100 miles on it) was returned to me in a like-new state. Paint was matched perfectly and if the clear bra that was replace was a tiny bit off, it took some real hard looking to determine that. The car was impeccably detailed and positively glowed when I got it back. I found out that they did a mid-level polish on it, and it showed.I cannot recommend this shop enough. I hope to never wreck my car again, but if I do, I plan to return. Great people and great job!
Scott Flint
Thank you so much for making my car look beautiful again after I backed into another one. If ever I need some damage repaired I will definitely use San Antonio Collision Center. Frank was great and kept me informed during the process. Very happy!
Raina Ethridge
I had an amazing experience with San Antonio Collision. I was involved in an accident at 8:30 at night on March 6 2020 and I called up to san Antonio collision and I was met there by the owner and he took my car at that time of night. I would always recommend San Antonio Collision. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Marshall Devich
I truly appreciate the way me and my family were treated in the process of recovering from an auto accident. It felt really great to have experienced both kindness and professionalism after such a traumatic experience.
Charles Bailey
My car was side swiped with damage to the front passenger bumper and back wheel cover. I dropped my car off on a Monday afternoon and was projected to get it back the following Monday - but I had it back by Friday evening. She looked brand spanking new and they even did a mild clean inside!Throughout the process San Antonio collision center updated me daily via text and called me three times throughout the week, it made me feel valued and comfortable as a customer. HOPEFULLY I will not have to deal with collision repairs with my car again but if I do, SA collision center will be my first choice for repairs. Thank you!!
Lindsey Dachowski
Very thorough and did the job right. Educated me throughout the process and had great customer service even with my frustration in not having a car for awhile after my accident. I appreciate their understanding and would definitely refer them to family and friends! 😊
Diana Fonseca
Amazing shop, great customer service,awesome workmanship great set of guys.Ramon is great at explaining and making you feel at ease and Eli is great at explaining and helping you with process and through out experience. will never go else where and will have your vehicle looking brand new like anything ever happened. really good shop pretty sure they’re the best in San Antonio
The one over here The one over here
I have had several friends send their vehicles to SA Collision due to unfortunate circumstances but the owner Ramon Lira and his staff are the best. Your vehicle is in good hands.
Santiago Aragon
They were very professional , explained everything thorough and answered all of my questions . They also gave me a daily update on my vehicle status which I loved !!!! Great customer service as well !
Stephanie Miranda
They did a beautiful job.
After being involved in an accident I took my vehicle to San Antonio collision center. Best experience I have had! Service was great, very friendly environment and quick service. My vehicle looks great! And highly recommend this shop to everyone.
Thomas Villarreal
Highly recommend coming here if you want fast and great customer service
Marissa Robles
Wonderful customer service!! The receptionist was especially nice. My car was finished in time for my long trip back home and it looked great. I would definitely recommend San Antonio collision repair center.
Renisha Robertson
After getting in an accident, I decided to take my car here to get fixed. Not only did San Antonio Collision Center do an amazing job on my vehicle, but they also took care of everything when it came to dealing with the insurance in getting it fixed. And their staff is just as great. Eli always notified us of updates during the process giving us that peace of mind. I would totally recommend this place to everyone and anyone when needing you’re vehicle repaired/painted.
Ray Arriola
Great job guys
Saul Zamarripa
Very friendly and reliable people.
Ofelia Rodriguez
Staff is very helpful. Since your usually here after an auto accident their helpful in guiding you through the process. Also they didn't "rush" me trying to remove my property from a vehicle being repaired their even though I was clearly holding them up.
Angela Coleman
I'm beyond satisfied with the work that was done on my Toyota. Very professional and great communication I highly recommend San Antonio Collision Center LLC
Carolyn Medellin
Jesse is professional, knowledgeable and very kind. He is an honest expert and totally hands on. Got a quote on spot and fixed the same day. Had rear bumper replaced and painted. I will take my car or truck back if needed and highly recommend anyone to first visit San Antonio Collision Center first.Richard L
Richard lopez
I am beyond satisfied with the service and work that they provide for my vehicle. I definitely recommend everyone to give them a try you won't regret it at all.
Eve Hernandez
Good service!
Reginald Freeman
Little pricey, but good people and quality work. Thanks
Jimmy Freeman
Good and friendly staff, which is a plus. Quality of work was great. Only drawback was the time took way too long. Not sure why
Richie Hill
I went to pick up personal items from my damaged car. The person I dealt with, Raul, was most helpful and courteous.
Guy Lewis